Monday, October 14, 2013

The Reports are In.

Got a new barrier spot here in Denver.  If you have to ask where it is then you don't need to know.  So there.  Joe Fro, BS tailslide.
 Tim's Schmitt Stix deck is no joke.  I like to call it swamp thing because it has fucking gills.  Joeless one.
Nick is one of the most humble rippers you will meet.  No obstacle stands a chance in his path.  He chomped this rail within a few tries.  Crook.
check it on Lowcard

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Lifers Project X The Recycler

 Matt Alberts has started the Lifers Project to capture anyone that has devoted there life to skateboarding.  He came through Jerry's the other day to do just that.
He uses wet plate photography, that yields a large 11X14 aluminum plate photograph.  That's his mobile darkroom behind him.
 His camera is a beast, and it sits atop a hand crafted tripod.
The first shot he took was of yours truly.
 Meanwhile Russell is destroying the Recycler.  Ollie.
 Making sure Bruce is properly in focus.
 Having an ISO speed of 1 means you have a pretty slow shutter speed.  In layman's terms your gonna have to sit still for a bit.  Even skating the ramp while Bruce sat on it could blur him and ruin the whole image.
Hold still.  It's worth it.
 His mobile darkroom folded up into a road case.  Going in to develop the exposed plate.
 Washing the print before varnish.
 Jerry's laundry.  This is as seen through Matt's camera.  It's gotta be a real bitch to compose an image with.
 Jerry's turn.  If you notice, Matt is removing the cap from the lens. That's because the lens cap is essentially the shutter button on his camera.  He counts the shutter off in his head.
 To end the process he applies a varnish to the image.  This also brings out the contrast and detail in the image while also darkening it a bit.  So many different variables go into these images.  The end result is so epic. 
You can help make The Lifers Project reach other "Lifers" by going here

Reporting Live!!!

 As the heat is dwindling and the floods are reseeding.  Mott brings out the fall colors and this crazy board I like to call "Swamp Thing".  Smith grind.
 Texas pant.
 Mott for Street Trash!!!
 Skating is more fun when you're breaking and entering.  Joe ollies for the rebel in all of us.
 Jerry's ramp has a lot of green around it.  We always joked about doing tricks "In the tube" like the tree is a big wave.  Joe front smiths with Terrell hot on his tail.
 This one was from last winter while Joe and I were filming his video part.  Frontside nosegrind transfer.
 Pole jam indy.
 Frenchy for Street Trash

This one was taken during my trip to Portland OR recently.  Binger is from Memphis TN and resides in Portland now.  He has always had mad skills on a skateboard.  This was not the first time he had boardslid this beast of a rail.  Luckily he was nice enough to do it again for the pic.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Recent Reports

 Joe, frontside feebles in a tight pocket in Fairplay, CO.  Chet stayin' vested in the background.
 Nick Gibson recently came out to stay with me from Ft. Smith, AR.  Unfortunately I had to work most of his time here.  We basically had one evening to skate (shoot photos) together. He decided on this rail he saw in an old 303 vid.  Within about 30 minutes he had laid down this Feeble and another banger that should be in the new Lowcard.  Hopefully.
 Had the chance to fly out to Portland, OR to see the good homie Brown Ron.  Ron is from Arkansas as well, and now resides in Portland.  He handled this no-comply crail at Pier park with ease.
 Kyle Kj recently moved from Colorado to Oregon.  It was awesome to be in a city I've never seen and have so many good homies to roll with.  This front rock went down at an end of the day session at Randy's house.  All anyone told me about Randy was that he was the godfather of skateboarding in Portand.
 Jess Mudgett is from Ft Collins, CO.  This was the first I had met him and it was in Portland!!!  He is definitely part of the Tall Man Crew.  He slapped this back D on the lip with style and grace.
The weekend after returning from Oregon.  I met up with Joe and Frenchy to go skate some full pipes.  These weren't the easiest thing to skate though.  They would bounce up and down once you got going.  But, if you know Fro then you know that don't phase him.  He started just trying to wally across the gap.  Frenchy suggested a tail skidder and it went down within a few tries.

Chet X 303 X Coburn Art show/ Board release at Tooey's

Chet and I had an art show a few weeks back to celebrate his guest board with 303 Boards.  Thanks to everyone that came out to show there support.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fro's Confusion Ad

 Here is one I shot for Cockfight Skateboards.  Featured in issue #7 of Confusion Magazine.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Russell Smashes Crete!!

 One of the guys that works at this place brought us a generator and lights so we could get a few more licks in.  Russell took full advantage and laid a front rock up there.